It was a real discovery to reach with the e-bikes of Biking Tuscany Tour the Green Triangle of Peccioli Borgo dei Borghi 2024, the villages of Legoli and Ghizzano. A way to cycle while confronting the world of recycling, art and restoration of the territory. An urban redevelopment project that gave us an incredible experience where we cycled around the perimeter of a waste disposal and disposal plant just outside the hamlet of Legoli and a few kilometres from Benozzo Gozzoli’s frescoes. It is an essential and rigorous architectural structure with a particular connotation that marries part of the “geometric” trademark of the company that owns it, Belvedere Spa, the “triangle” in fact, combined with the colour that characterises it and that best suits the environment that hosts it. From being a meeting place hosting events, cultural activities and training courses, it has increasingly become a terrace from which to see the result of the fusion of everyday actions linked to the common sense and realism of an industrial plant such as Belvedere. You will encounter the art installation ‘Presenze’ by Naturaliter. The Presences are gigantic human figures, a statue symbolising destruction and rebirth, between 5 and 9 metres high, made of expanded polystyrene and polystyrene, covered in weather-resistant fibre cement. The giants evoke rebirth a new life, in this area where destruction par excellence is expressed in waste and occurs on a daily basis. Free guided tours of the waste treatment and disposal plant and/or the area of the ‘giants’ are available. There are four statues: two are here, one at the Fonte Mazzola amphitheatre (where our bicycle tour started) and one on the roof of a building in the industrial area of Peccioli.

An evocative place to discover by bicycle, unbelievable the size of the site, the absence of smells, the beauty of the giants, the ten images by Sergio Staino, “All’altezza delle Margherite” (ten images reproduced on polycarbonate panels) decorating the external walls that protect the Mechanical Biological Treatment plant from the wind;

Finally, an amphitheatre made of tufa slabs anchored in the ground to avoid the use of concrete completes the evocative landscape, a venue for cultural events and open-air concerts.

The bike tour continues to the beautiful hamlet of Ghizzano where the British artist ‘David Tremlett’, in 2017, brought his colours and geometric shapes of ‘wall drawing’ not only on the retaining walls and silos in the highest part of the recycling area but also on the façades of the houses in this beautiful hamlet of Ghizzano.

All this is possible thanks to Biking Tuscany Tour Peccioli

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